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Friday, March 26, 2010

Peri-menopausal bleeding

Tanong (T): Nag-irregular bleeding ako for 2 weeks. 

Payo ni Doktor (PD): Your age, please?

T: 53 yrs old. I have been diagnosed with fibroids, delikado ba yun? Sabi thick daw yung uterus ko pero ok naman daw yung cervix. Kailangan ko raw ng biopsy. May urgency ba yan?

PD: What are the measurements of the fibroids and how thick is the uterine lining?

T: Here is the result of the ultrasound. The uterus measures 7.8 x 4.8 x 5.7 cm. There is a diffuse involvement of the myometrium. Innumerable small fibroids are noted scattered throughout. The endometrial echo complex is abnormally thickened at 1.2 cm with a heterogenous appearance. The left ovary demonstrates a 2.2 cm predominantly simple appearing cyst. The right ovary appears unremarkable. Note is made of a possible subseptate configuration of the uterine fundus.



Tanong: Kumosta po kayo? Ako 42 years old, may asawa wala anak. Mayroon po ako naramdaman sa katawan at sa lalamunan ay may butlig-butlig na pula. Nagpa-doctor po ako. Allergy lang daw. Inom ako ng inom ng gamot hindi gumaling pati ilong ang sakit. Ang baba ng dugo ko parang normal nasa akin ang 100. Pero mensa lang ako hihilo. Pate pala ang ilong ko kasama rin tainga at mata. Pwde bang sumakay ng iroplano kahit masakit ang ilong at tainga? Pwde po bang paksagot po nitong tanong ko at pakipayo niyo po sa akin kong dapat kong gawin. isang kaibigan po at more power sa inyo. Maraming salamat.

Payo ni Doktor: Maraming salamat sa iyo. Base sa iyong liham, kailangang masuri ka ng isang ENT (ear-nose-throat) specialist. Ang allergy ay hindi nakukuha sa isang gamutan lamang, bagkus kailangan ding iwasan ang sanhi nito. Sa tuwing sasakay ng eroplano, nagbabago ang pressure sa tainga sa pag-akyat at pagbaba ng sasakyan kung kaya't ipinapayo kong magpakonsulta ka sa isang dalubhasa upang malunasan bago magbyahe.

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Hello readers!

It is easy to understand why some institutions will want to ban social networks during office hours. What many find hard to grasp is that social networks--like Facebook, Twitter, Multiply and others--are a good source of exposure to the blogosphere. It will not only promote their organization but also keep their employees sane while at work.

We have seen the tremendous impact of Facebook and Twitter during natural calamities. And if not for these networks, those who were still in their offices, hospitals, or clinics, may not have known that Metro Manila went under the waters in just a few hours. Regulatory policy instead of total blockade of social networks may be a better choice as the globe becomes smaller in the advent of Information of Age.

Nurses Shouldn’t Be Playing Farmville, but…
Josh McColough5 Mar 2010

I learned of our hospital’s plans to block employee access to Facebook rather casually, during a meeting with our department leader.