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Friday, April 29, 2011

Proper waste disposal in Manila intensified again

The Philippine government has intensified its waste segregation campaign by issuing 5,000 copies of easy-to-understand information and education campaign materials particularly now that children are on two-month school vacation.
Secretary Ramon Paje of the Department of Environment and Natural Resources appealed to parents yesterday that because kids are taught by their teachers throughout the year, now is the best time that they educate their children on the proper segregation of household waste, the Manila Bulletin said.

China in another food scandal

I love Chinese foods. In fact, in all the 12 countries that I have visited including three in Europe, there are many delicious Chinese restaurants. However, scandals about food safety issues in the world’s largest population have caused public concern that has brought illness to people who have consumed their products in the mainland and abroad.
In a new development, Chongqing city authorities confiscated 26 tons of melamine-tainted milk powder, said the Global Times in a report by the AFP.