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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Home versus hospital births

Hello readers!

While it is true that hospital birth is safer than home delivery, it may not entirely be the preferred method of the marginalized sector, too. If they were well-informed, had the financial means and accessibility, do you think they will choose to give birth at home?

Working in a government hospital in the Philippines, I found out that the minority group called Mangyan, live in the mountains. It may take a few days to a week going to the nearest hospital or clinic. Besides the fact that they are poor, they are uneducated, too. It is icing on cake to put the blame to them in giving birth at home--if they have one. I also think that it is unfair to single out the traditional birth attendants for the three-digits maternal mortality rate.

Viral infection during pregnancy

Tanong (T): Haler! Ano ang parvovirus? Is it dangerous to pregnant women?

Payo ni Doktor (PD): Hello. Oo masamang viral infection iyan. It could cause pregnancy abnormalities for the mother and/or fetus.

T: The sister-in-law of my boss in Australia is pregnant as was diagnosed positive for parvovirus. Where could she possibly have gotten it? From animals?

PD: Oh I see. It may cause spontaneous abortion for the mom and anemia for the baby. She might have contracted it from somebody with parvovirus infection.