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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Missed Periods or Amenorrhea

Tanong: I was operated on two months ago. Di ko alam I had period pala after the surgery. Then, inoperahan ulit ako four days after the first surgery. Since then, di pa ako ulit nagka period. Sinalinan ako ng dugo sa second surgery ko kasi bumaba ang hemoglobin ko. Regular lagi ang period ko, pero till now wala pa ko. 44 years pa lang ako but I had my period at the age of 12. Me possibility ba na menopause na ako? Please enlighten me about this. Thanks very much. God bless!

Doctor's Advice: Thank you for your letter. A woman is not considered to have secondary amenorrhea (absence of periods in a previously menstruating woman) until she has missed three periods in a row. In your case, it seems that you have one or two missed periods. If you are sure that you are not pregnant, the stress of surgery might have caused a hormonal imbalance in your body system that resulted in missed periods. In this case, I think you have to seek a gynecologic evaluation. Most probably, the physician will prescribe hormonal pills to balance the hormones so that menstruation will ensue. Usually, menopause can happen anytime from 30’s to mid-50s or even later.

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