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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Viral infection during pregnancy

Tanong (T): Haler! Ano ang parvovirus? Is it dangerous to pregnant women?

Payo ni Doktor (PD): Hello. Oo masamang viral infection iyan. It could cause pregnancy abnormalities for the mother and/or fetus.

T: The sister-in-law of my boss in Australia is pregnant as was diagnosed positive for parvovirus. Where could she possibly have gotten it? From animals?

PD: Oh I see. It may cause spontaneous abortion for the mom and anemia for the baby. She might have contracted it from somebody with parvovirus infection.

T: Can she be treated while pregnant? Will the treatment be safe for the fetus?

PD: She should be monitored with ultrasound. The baby might develop hydrops fetalis which is kind of severe. But not all with parvovirus infection will develop this abnormality.

T: Wats hydrops?

PD: Hydrops fetalis is an abnormal fetal growth. Parang balloon ang itsura niya. They usually die few hours after birth.

T: Yung malaki ang ulo?

PD: That is hydrocephalus you are talking about. Ang hydrops ay parang lobo ang buong katawan ng baby. Parang itlog nga eh. As in bilog siya.

T: So the baby may be born like a balloon?

PD: Possible. So, close monitoring with ultrasound and obstetric follow up are mandatory.

T: Cge thanks, I will tell my friend.

PD: But remember that not all with parvo infection will develop the disease. Just re-assure her that she must seek close follow-ups.

T: BTW, I forgot to congratulate you, journalist ka na pala, keep up the good writing tatapatan mo na si Ka Edong, hehehehe!!!!

PD: Hahaha salamat. Napakiusapan lang ako nung kaibigan ko na editor-in-chief nung Jeepney Press na mailathala ang mga kwento ko.

T: Wagiiii ka!!!!! I'm proud of you!!!!

PD: Salamat muli.

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