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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Ovarian newgrowth (Bukol sa Obaryo)

Question: Dear Doc Gino, My mom who is already 48 years old, was diagnosed with nabothian and ovarian cysts (the largest measuring 6.9 cm) and thickened uterus wall.  My family refused to have my mom's ovary and uterus remove, is there an alternative procedure or herbal medication to have the cysts remove as well as restore the uterus wall to its normal size.  thanks doc and god bless.

i would appreciate receiving your reply. 

The uterus is enlarged measuring 12.3 x 5.4 x 6.4 cm.
There are hypoechoic masses in the posterior wall that measure 1.4 cm. and 0.9 cm.
The endometrial echo complex is seen in the secretory phase with a total thickness of 1.3 cm.
The posterior cul-de-sac is empty.
There are cysts adjacent to the endocervical canal.
The right ovary is enalarged, measuring 7.3 cm. in its widest dimension.
There are cysts in the right ovary that measure 6.9 cm. and 3.0 cm., respectively.
The left ovary is normal
Impression: Enlarged, anteflexed uterus with masses on the posterior wall and echogenic endometrial echo complex. Negative ultrasound of the posterior cul-de-sac and left adnexal area.Ovarian cysts, right.Incidental note of Nabothian cysts.Suggest clinical correlation.

Doc Gino (DG): Due to your Mom's age, conservative management would not be a wise option because of the increased risk of malignancy. Ovarian cysts in younger women are normal and could be managed conservatively. However, this is not the case for older women. Check the family history also for any malignancy. Herbal medicines have no proven value in this case. An alternative approach would be serial sonography which would entail 3 monthly scans. At any time that the cyst did not resolve in size or becomes enlarged, and if she becomes symptomatic (abdominal pain, tenderness, etc), surgical approach is highly recommended.

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