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Friday, July 23, 2010

VIDEO: Cesarean section: The surgical operation

Cesarean deliveries are performed by Obstetricians for various indications. In the 5:08 long video that follows, one such surgical operation is done. There are two ways in which surgeons cut through the tummy of the pregnant mother. One is through the midline incision, and the other one--which is my favorite--is the Pfannenstiel method or more popularly called the 'Bikini cut'. If you're an expecting mother, watch this and hold no fear, the surgical team will always be at your best interest.


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  1. Thank God I have my babies at home! With the c-section rate at 1`in 3 women... See this c-section took 6 min... waiting for a healthy woman to labor can take days. This video is so sad but I am so proud to be a doula and to be in an amazing birthing community who help women in labor and who desire to see the c-section rate drop!

  2. @A Queen Above Rubies: I admire what you do as a doula. Obviously, the five minute video did not cover the entire surgical procedure and, of course, the most important decision-making process. Whereas there are some doctors who perform unnecessary procedures, there are many who strictly follow medical ethics. Because of the high litigation rate, some doctors may be forced to err on the safe side, that is, to deliver abdominally.

    How low should the C-section rate have to drop to make it acceptable? I do not know. What is important is that mothers and babies come out of the procedure safely and within the indications that follow the existing medical standards. As well, there are many cases where vaginal delivery may prove to be more risky than abdominal delivery, and vice versa. Thanks for commenting.