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Friday, September 3, 2010


Written in the Tagalog language, the following exchanges talk about the stomach symptoms of a pregnant on her early pregnancy.

Tanong: Good morning Doc. I'm experiencing heartburn.

Doc G: Good morning. Ilang weeks ka na ba?

Tanong: Around 16 weeks ata Doc. Normal po ba? Super sakit na ng chest ko... Hirap huminga.

Doc G: Anong nakain mo ba?

Tanong: Last night po spicy pancit canton tapos kalamares at egg.

Doc G: Oh, mukhang nag-fiesta ka ata?

Tanong: Isang platito lang.

Doc G: Yung maaanghang kasi, nakaka resulta ng heartburn. Meron ka bang antacid diyan?

Tanong: This morning, suka ko ng suka..

Doc G: Oo ganun nga. Kung meron kang antacid, pwede kang uminom ngayon.

Tanong: Brand na po ba yung or generic name? Safe naman po sa baby? With meal po? Sige papabili po ako.

Doc G: Aluminum magnesium hydroxide (Novaluzid) pwede na. Oo, okay lang yan sa buntis. Remember this: small frequent feedings is better than one big mac

Tanong: Ok po... thanks a lot doc. Kaktapos ko lang uli sumuka... I tot mawawala na to pag lapit na 4th month (aaawwww)

Doc G: Next month ay okay ka na, parang nagdahilan lang. Novaluzid 10 mL one hour after meals and at bed time, or Maalox- 2 teaspoonfuls 4 times a day.

Tanong: Thanks a lot.. Big big big help

Doc G: You're welcome.

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