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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Is there population explosion in the Philippines?

According to experts in the Philippines, the country is on the verge of population explosion with Filipinos reaching 94.01 million by the end of 2010. This is up from last year's 92.3 million.
More than half of the people are below 24 years old, which means that population growth will continue in the next 50 years.

Compared to its ASEAN neighbors the Philippines has the highest population growth rate at 2.04 percent (Thailand 0.4; Indonesia 1.1; Vietnam 1.1; Malaysia 1.6; Cambodia 1.9). This means that the country's population multiplies at a faster rate than the other countries in the region.
In addition, there are more babies born from Filipino women during her child-bearing years (3.3) than its country neighbors (Thailand 1.5; Indonesia 2.1; Vietnam 2.1; Malaysia 2.5; Cambodia 3).
The country ranks the second lowest in southeast Asia using artificial methods of contraception at 50.7 percent (Cambodia 40; Malaysia 54.5; Indonesia 60.3; Thailand 71.5; Vietnam 79).
The reproductive health bill is still pending in Congress following strong opposition by the Catholic Church.
On the global scale, the Philippines ranks the 12th most populated country.
Here is a table of the top 20 most populated countries in 2010.
1. China 1.34 billion
2. India 1.19 billion
3. USA 310.66 million
4. Indonesia 237.55 million
5. Brazil 185.71 million
6. Pakistan 171.01 million
7. Nigeria 158.26 million
8. Bangladesh 149.48 million
9. Russia 141.93 million
10. Japan 127.38 million
11. Mexico 108.40 million
12. Philippines 94.01 million
13. Vietnam 85.85 million
14. Germany 81.54 million
15. Ethiopia 79.46 million
16. Egypt 79.29 million
17. Iran 74.75 million
18. Turkey 72.56 million
19. Congo 67.83 million
20. Thailand 67.07 million
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