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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Manila pipeline leaks identified

After four months of leakage, at least five small holes were identified in the 40-year-old Batangas-Manila pipeline on Monday.

The five mongo bean-sized holes were confirmed to be the source of gas leaks about three meters from the Magallanes flyover's footing, according to First Philippine Industrial Corporation's (FPIC) Officer-In-Charge Anthony Mabasa.
FPIC owns and operates the largest and only commercial oil pipeline in the Philippines.
Mabasa added that the 120-kilometer pipeline meets international standards but are not designed for frequent vibrations caused by the daily traffic in the city.
He added that metal fatigue was not detected early even with frequent maintenance.
Residents within the area are preparing legal measures against the company due to the ill effects brought by the gas leak.
They do not want the leaks to be simply repaired by plugs. They want the whole pipe changed.
The FPIC officials will face the Senate investigation on Monday, 15 November.
Mabasa apologized and pleaded that a case in court will not happen and promised that the company is willing to pay the residents whatever damages the leakage may have brought.
It was earlier reported that the pipe leakage caused fuel shortage for more than a week.
The pipe leakage could have blown up a large area of Metro Manila going all the way to Batangas province, according to Senator Juan Miguel Zubiri.
Source: Sunstar

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