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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Most dangerous firecrackers in the Philippines

The Department of Health has made annual campaigns in banning all firecrackers during the holiday season.
As well, the police department raid firecracker factories that are considered illegal in the country.
However, the practice of welcoming the New Year has been part of Filipino tradition. Welcome the New Year with a Big Bang!
As a result, countless firecracker victims, innocent or not, suffer the consequences of loosing some of their fingers, worse, may cause fire incidents that ashen several houses in villages.
This is the first time that I am celebrating Christmas and New Year in my country since 2001. I notice that despite the firecracker ban, they still proliferate.
In my neighborhood, grade school kids are tolerated by adults in playing with fire even before the New Year celebration.
The authorities are not strict in their implementation. They do not have teeth. We could only speculate that some scrupulous authorities are involved in the business.
In the evening of Christmas Eve, I made rounds of nearby places in Metro Manila. Firecrackers are a common sight and decided to go home fearing that I might injure myself with irresponsible people.
To all Filipinos, stay safe during the holidays and avoid these "bombs."
Please watch the attached YouTube and see the most dangerous firecrackers of my country, many of which I have never seen before.

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