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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Baby boy drowns in tub while Colorado mom plays Facebook

The Tribune reported of a US mother who, while playing Cafe World in Facebook, was charged on Friday after her 13-month-old son drowned in the bathtub.
Charged for abuse of a child resulting to death with possible 24 years term in jail was Shannon Johnson of Fort Lupton, north of Denver, who was detained on a $100,000 bail, according to Weld County District Attorney's Office spokeswoman Jennifer Finch.
The 34-year-old Johnson admitted to the police that she left her baby Joseph alone in the tub and went to another room to play games in Facebook after which her son died in a hospital in Denver in September last year.
Based on her affidavit, she also watched online videos and checked in with friends on the popular Website.
The Facebook-playing mom further said that when she did not hear any sounds from her unsupervised son after a few minutes, she found the boy slumped in the water facing down with "gurgling" sounds.
She then called up 911. The baby was airlifted to the hospital and was pronounced dead from drowning.
Police investigation revealed that a laptop was open to Facebook.
In an affidavit, Johnson told the police that she always left the boy alone in the tub to help himself because he liked to be left alone, was "independent," and she did not want to raise him as a "mama's boy."
Johnson's mother told the cops that her grandson had suffered a seizure attack a month before he died. She also said that she warned her daughter against leaving the baby alone in the tub after the attack.
Asked about the wisdom of leaving the epileptic baby alone in the tub, Johnson admitted that "it was so stupid."
Johnson's preliminary hearing is set on 31 January at 9:30 a.m. where in a judge will decide if there is sufficient proof to elevate the case to trial.


  1. Dr.Gino ask ko lng po about sa findings ng ct scan sa neck ko base po sa result is my Koch'se Disease daw po ako nging treatment ko po is uminom ng good for 6 months na gamot pero sa pag inom ko po ng gamot is andun parin ung tinatawag nila n kulani mayroon po kc bukol sa left neck ko...Ask ko rin po kung anu po ba talaga ung koch disease o tuberkulosis na tinatawag...Anung epekto nito sa kalusugan ko at kung nkakahawa ba ito sakit n ito..may posibilidad ba na mawala ung bukol ko sa leeg na walang maapektuhan sa katawan ko...ty po and god bless

  2. @Joy: Ang Koch's disease ay tuberkulosis o TB na tinatawag. Ang bukol sa iyong leeg ay nagmumula sa iyong baga dala ng TB. Ang pag-inom ng gamot para sa TB ay makapagpapagaling nito nguni't hindi ibig sabihin ay liliit ang bukol. Ang TB ay nakakahawa kung hindi ginagamit. Upang mawala nang husto ng TB sa baga, hustuhin ang pag-inom ng gamot sa loob ng 6-9 na buwan. Ang bukol ay dapat ikonsulta sa isang surgeon upang malaman kung kakailanganing ito ay tanggalin. Kung hindi tatanggalin ang bukol, maaaring ito ay mabutas at labasan ng nana. Kung hindi kukumpletuhin ang gamot, maaaring kumalat ang TB sa ibang bahagi ng katawan.