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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Zeolite: A remedy for radiation exposure?

Much has been said about potassium iodide to guard against the harmful effects of radioactive materials leaked from Japan's nuclear power plants after it was knocked down by the most powerful earthquake ever to hit the country and the giant tsunami waves last month.
A US company called Clean Age Minerals, Inc., a subsidiary of Daleco Resources Corporation, proposed today the use of Clinoptilolite zeolite and its synthesized forms as solution to decontaminate the water and soil exposed to radiation from the damaged power plants.
The company's president, Robert E. Martin, said that Clinoptilolite has the following properties: gets rid of toxic materials like chemicals, heavy metals, toxins, radionuclides and other liquid, solid and gas impurities, in a report by BusinessWire.
Published scholarly articles say that the naturally-occurring and environment-friendly mineral has been used for many years as animal food additive by absorbing toxins.
The pure forms of Clinoptilolite are used to detoxify humans.
Gary J. Novinskie, President of Daleco Resources stated, "There are many potential applications for Clean Age Mineral’s patented Clinoptilolite-based zeolite products in Japan, and water and soil remediation is just the tip of the iceberg.
"For example, while detailed information is limited, published data indicates that roughly 500,000 tons of zeolites, mainly Clinoptilolite, were utilized to deal with the Chernobyl nuclear disaster.
"After the Chernobyl disaster, Clinoptilolite was mixed into the feed supply of dairy cattle to reduce the radiation in the milk produced. Children in the affected areas around Chernobyl were fed chocolate and biscuits that were formulated with Clinoptilolite zeolite and doses of zeolite- based liquids were administered to assist in the removal of radionuclides from their bodies.
"Clinoptilolite zeolite was also incorporated in the cement blend that was utilized to “cap” the damaged Chernobyl reactor. Clean Age Minerals believes that the same or similar procedures can be deployed in Japan."
A Web search of the usefulness of the mineral showed an academic paper that Clinoptilolite-administered plants, animals and humans were decontaminated following uptake of the mineral after the Chernobyl accident.
The same report said that studies in Japan since 1965 using Clinoptilolite in farm animals showed a dramatic growth rate of test animals compared to controls using lesser amount and cost of feed.
In a related report, The Japan Times reported on Tuesday that the Tokyo police arrested 50-year-old Fumitaka Umewaka, a health food dealer from Kobe and his 29-year-old assistant for telling his clients that an unauthorized drug can decontaminate from exposure to radioactive substances of the Fukushima plant.
Umekawa sold 10 bottles of the liquid medication to three customers between 17 February and 29 March for a total of US$561 (¥47,500). The police said the pair was able to sell to over 1,000 clients in the disaster-hit areas up to a total of US$283,000 (¥24 million).
The unauthorized drug involved was premium zeolite.
Details of this story here.

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