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Monday, May 9, 2011

Online survey shows 90% of foreigners want to stay in Japan despite the risks

An online survey conducted shortly after the 11 March triple calamities in Japan showed that over 90 percent of foreigners living in the country did not want to leave in spite of the damage and risks facing them.
A total of 392 respondents—90 percent of whom were Chinese, Taiwanese and South Koreans—answered the Internet-based poll conducted by the International Foreign Students Association between 22 and 26 March, The Japan Times said.
Among the reasons the participants said why they like to stay in the tsunami-ravaged country were "Because I like Japan," or "At a time like this, I think I want to work together (with Japanese) to help the recovery."
Around 60 percent of the respondents of the Tokyo-based nonprofit organization survey were students while the remaining 40 percent were graduates.
The results further showed that 73 percent of the study participants noticed the inadequacy of information provided to them by the Japanese government and their native countries with regard earthquake, tsunami and nuclear emergency responses.
They acknowledged that the news about the nuclear fallout from foreign media were exaggerated.
This is in agreement with my 19 March report that said Filipino residents in Japan claimed the foreign media unnecessarily magnified the situation in the country during the time.
As well, the online poll respondents agreed that the government does not fully provide data concerning the nuclear crisis.
About 60 percent said they were not preparing for calamities and they emphasized the necessity of the provision of information and news on multiple languages.
Details of this report here.

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