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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Global father aims for 100 children

Meet Daad Mohammed Al Balushi, a 63-year-old global father from the United Arab Emirates. Yes, he is global, as he wants to be called. He is father of 90 children to date.
In June, two of his current three wives will give birth. He promised in 2002 to go for the century mark before he dies—and he is a few kids away.
Al Balushi said in a report by Khaleej Times, "Next month, by the grace of God, I will be the father of 92 children."
A retired UAE Armed Forces member of 20 years, global dad now has 60 sons, 30 daughters and 50 grandchildren from mothers that came all the way from Morocco to the Philippines.
"I’m a global father having children from one edge of the world to another. All these were legitimate marriages. Unfortunately, it is not allowed to have more than four wives at a time. If allowed, I can manage 20 wives at a time. Now I have three wives. I will have my fourth wife after next week when I marry Rukhsana Arif from Pakistan."
The Sharia Law allows four wives at a time. He would marry someone more fertile after divorcing one wife.
But don't worry, all his wives are well supported financially. "I divorce them, but look-after them thereafter, like a separate house with full financial support. Now, I have 17 houses with 17 families, all under my care."
First married at age 19, Al Balushi meets all his families at the same time in his Manamah home every week.
He said each wife receives equal time from him. "Every wife has a separate house to live with her children. Every house has a car and housemaids to look after the family."
As for his health, "I never eat frozen or canned food. I always go for the fresh—in fact my wives are also fresh because I never marry a divorcee or widow. I cannot recall visiting a hospital for treatment."
But the prolific dad figured in a road accident in 1995 when he lost his leg. He will travel to Jaipur, India in June for an artificial leg, and of course, look for a new bride.
Asked why he wants an Indian wife, global dad said, "India commands the respect of the world today. There are many women around who want to marry me but I want an Indian girl as Indian women are humane, and well raised with solid values."
Hi's father, Murad Abdul Rahman, lived up to 110 years old and had 27 children from four wives.
If he will have the same longevity, he can easily double his goal.
Details of this report here.

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