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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Boy swallows nail, needs immediate removal

A few days ago, I reported a 2-year-old boy who drowned himself in a water container. Shocked? Here is another story why guardians and care takers should closely watch toddlers--the reason they are called guardians and care takers.
A 2-year-old boy swallowed a concrete nail--the one that is used by carpenters.
The source did not mention the size of the nail, but doctors said that the toddler could undergo operation if the nail is already lodged deep down in the intestine.
If it were in the stomach area, it could be removed through a gastroscope--a flexible tool with a telescope-like device that is inserted in the mouth all the way down to the stomach.
There were also no reports that the baby is unwell. If and when the nail pierces any part of the gastrointestinal area, it could create enormous health problem as infection may ensue. Immediate removal should be done in this case.
This raises issues that adults should keep constant supervision to children--the house should be kid-safe. No pointed or round objects, or anything that babies can hold and swallow. No heated materials. Away from electric fans (in the tropics like my country) or any heavy objects that may fall on the kids.
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