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Monday, November 29, 2010

Doctors call for review of kidney transplant policy

The Philippines is now seeing the negative effects of its ban on non-related or non-directed kidney donors.
The Philippine Medical Association has urged the Department of Health on Saturday to review its policy on organ donation particularly on a patient's right to life.
It was reported in Inquirer that there are many patients who need to undergo kidney transplant but are not given the lifesaving procedure due to the ban on kidney donors.
Many have to wait on long queue much like on death row.
The medical group is seeking a review of the policy that was imposed early this year in the light of the abuses of certain sectors in the past that tagged the country as a global organ-trafficking hot spot by the World Health Organization.
However, the doctors argue that many patients suffer not because of the lack of technology or capability, but because of a policy that restrict them to offer treatment.
It was highlighted that defects of the organ donation system should be remedied by placing vital safety nets.
The head of the doctor's group added that policies should be fair to all and not put anyone to a disadvantage.
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