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Monday, January 3, 2011

Sweden's first death due to swine flu

A Swedish health official said on Saturday that a 7-year-old boy infected with the flu virus has died on Friday marking the country's first swine flu-related death this season.
The Gazette reported that the boy who died was one of three patients being treated for H1N1 at different intensive-care facilities in the southern Swedish region of Scania, according to Per Hagstam of the Swedish Institute for Infectious Disease Control.
Hagstam told Helsingborgs Dagblad, a local newspaper, that the three patients all belonged to the high risk group and had other types of complicated illnesses.
It was reported that 65 Swedes had contracted the virus by 26 December.
The H1N1 virus had killed 30 people during the last flu season.
A year after the flu epidemic killed thousands in Mexico, the World Health Organization declared the swine flu pandemic over in August.

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