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Monday, February 28, 2011

Filipino actor Paquito Diaz is alive, death rumor not true

In a telephone interview from dzMM, Nena Diaz, wife of Paquito Diaz, denied rumors that the 73-year old veteran Filipino actor and movie director passed away on Saturday.
Francisco Bustillos Diaz in real life, he was often seen as a villain in Philippine cinema with the late Fernando Poe, Jr.
Mrs. Diaz thanked the people who sent financial support to her husband who had recently been hospitalized in Bicol due to respiratory problems. He will go home on Wednesday.
Daughter Joanna Diaz-Gallent told ANC, "It’s ok. Mag-one month na kami tinetext na he's dead na daw. Sanay na kami." (It’s okay. We have been receiving text messages that he is dead. We got used to it).
Diaz, who also appeared in comedy films, suffered from hemorrhagic stroke in 2002, which at one time, left him in a state of coma. His cardiovascular illness left him with visual impairment. His family had to sell their house and vehicle to pay expenses.
Diaz was born 28 May 1937 and now lives in Daraga, Albay.
He appeared in a non-villain role in "Walang Matigas na Tinapay sa Mainit na Kape"(No Bread is Hard Enough with Hot Coffee).
Details of this story here.

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