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Saturday, February 26, 2011

New Zealand quake death toll reaches 123

The death toll had risen to 123 with over 200 people missing from the 6.3 magnitude earthquake that devastated Christchurch City in New Zealand early this week, according to the police, the NZ Herald said.
A total of nine aftershocks since midnight were reported.
Of the 1,000 buildings, 600 were considered safe, 170 were safe to access but 200 to 250 were assessed to be unsafe and had been evacuated, said Mayor Bob Parker who appealed for understanding and support to revive public services in the badly hit city.
About 80 percent of electric power while 70 percent of general services had been restored.
Foreign nationals from 20 countries were among those who are missing.
Two British nationals have died.
The 27 Japanese students believed to be trapped in the rubble of the Canterbury TV (CTV) building have not yet been found. A total of 50 bodies had been retrieved but not yet identified. Family members of the students went to the site and are praying for miracle to happen.
China said its 20 students thought to be in the CTV building are missing.
A Filipino female nurse, Rhea Mae Sumalpong, 25, is believed to have died along with eight other nurses, according to the Philippine consulate.
She sent the following message to her mother half an hour after the temblor struck, "Ma, we're trapped at CTV building. We need help, please rescue us."
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