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Thursday, February 24, 2011

International help arrives in devastated NZ city

Following Tuesday's 6.3 magnitude temblor that left more than 70 dead and 300 missing, search and rescue teams from foreign countries will arrive in the ruined Christchurch City to help in the rescue and retrieval operations in the suburbs, the New Zealand Herald said.
Australia, Japan, Singapore, Taiwan, the UK, and the US have all sent manpower and medical equipments that are due to arrive in varying times today.
Canberra has sent a 75-bed army field hospital and is expected to arrive this afternoon.
A $1.5-million donation from Auckland Council was announced by Mayor Len Brown who said that the financial assistance shows the concern and compassion of the people of Auckland to those who have lost loved ones and homes in the badly hit city.
The King's Education Ltd. Announced on its Website that about 90 students and personnel are missing or unaccounted for in the ruined Canterbury TV building. A list of names of those who were affected by the temblor had been released. Visit this link for more.
Police Judith Collins told media that the Christchurch police set up a temporary morgue which currently accommodates 76 bodies, where more are expected to arrive "in ones or twos."
Names of the deceased will be released at 16:00 according to District Commander Superintendent Dave Cliff.
Watch the dramatic rescue operation in the attached YouTube video.
Details of this story here.

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