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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Christchurch quake: 113 deaths, over 200 missing

District Commander Superintendent Dave Cliff told the press that the latest casualties since Tuesday's tragedy that hit Christchurch City rose to 113 with more than 200 missing. Four fatalities had been identified so far, the NZ Herald reported.
The rescue operations are made more difficult by rain fall, the report said.
The disastrous 6.3 magnitude earthquake is not just New Zealand's tragedy, Foreign Minister Murray McCully said.
McCully also said that the rescue phase of the mission is nearing its end.
Fearing that they will be the messengers of bad news to foreign visitors, he further said, "We are getting to the stage where we will be giving bad news to these families."
Among the international visitors are those from China, Japan, the Philippines, Taiwan, and the UK who are either missing or feared to be dead.
According to the newspaper Malaya, a total of 14 Filipinos are reported missing in Christchurch where 2,000 are documented by the Department of Foreign Affairs.
Meanwhile, 75 percent of the electricity had been restored in the ruined city, which will increase to 80 percent by nighttime.
It was also reported that NZ will not increase the price of petroleum products due to the present circumstances. Crude oil price hike occurred after the Libyan crisis.
According to Earthquake Minister Gerry Brownlee, they are expecting around 130,000 insurance claims after this tragedy. There had been 181,000 claims following the September quake.
Here are the latest counts as of 25 February 13:58 local time: 70 live rescues; 10 international teams on the ground; 559 rescuers on the ground; 594 seen by emergency departments while 164 of those were admitted to hospital; 2,000 were treated for injuries; 11 were in intensive care units; 452 were in welfare centers; 20,131 calls to emergency hotlines; and 5 active welfare centers.
Details of this story here.

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