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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Death toll in NZ reaches 159

Last Tuesday’s deadly 6.3 magnitude earthquake in Christchurch city death toll has now climbed to 159 and is expected to hit 240 after all buried bodies will have been retrieved, police superintendent Dave Cliff said in a report by the New Zealand Herald.
Of the fatalities, 11 had been officially named.
An eight-month-old boy who died during the devastating temblor was buried in Christchurch today after an emotional ceremony. The mother of Jayden Harris, Tracey, said her blue-eyed baby was sleeping on his cot when the 21-inch television landed on him during the quake. Tracey desperately sent her to a hospital but he sustained severe injuries.
A 4.5 magnitude quake hit 20km northwest of Wellington at a depth of 40km created huge waves that sent 44 passengers and crew members trapped in a ferry boat, which nosedived in to big waves 100 meters off Worser Bay at 8:30 today (local time).
The Wellington police maritime unit came less than 12 hours after the temblor and rescued one passenger who was knocked overboard by the wild seas.
The rescued passenger was one of the 27 students of St. Andrew's College who was supposed to be transferred to Wellington after the devastating earthquake last week only to be struck by deadly waters.
All those on board were accounted for and the ferry did not sink, but two people including the vessel's captain was sent to the hospital for suspected hypothermia.
A reporter of a Japanese television lost his media accreditation when he shouldered Cliff at the end of an interview.
Prime Minister John Keys told the media that there is still a chance the World Rugby Cup will take place in Christchurch.
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Details of this story here.

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